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We have been fascinated for a longtime with "street food" and how much you can get to know the culture of a country or city just by eating this type of food.

Within the "street food" options, one of the modalities that catches our attention are the Food Trucks, they provide the perfect opportunity for people to hang out with good food without the need to go to a restaurant.

Worldwide food trucks have become increasingly popular and Costa Rica is no exception.

A few days ago, we learned from social media that the Tico Fusion Food Truck would visit Escazú, specifically in Combai Urban Market and without thinking it twice we decided to try its gastronomic proposal.

The Tico Fusion Food Truck is led by the award-winning Costa Rican Chef Juan Jose Rodriguez, who along with his staff they have created very interesting food options for its customers, mixing various types of cuisine resulting in "street food" dishes but raised to a gourmet level.

Want to know what we ordered? We tell you all about it below…


One of the first things we always try to find out when ordering a choripán is what kind of chorizo they use, since it’s the main ingredient, is very important that the quality is top notch.

In the Tico Fusion Food Truck, they serve the choripán with a 100% homemade chorizo, on a delicately delicious toasted bread and on top they add Argentinian chimichurri, lettuce, chopped tomato, cucumbers, caramelized onions and slices of sweet plantain, which we believe is a very interesting and delicious twist.

On the side we got French fries, they have a couple of sauce choices for every person, we opted for the typical ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard ... it’s always the perfect combination!

We’ve had the opportunity to try choripán on several occasions and in different places, but without a doubt this is one of the best ... its combination of flavors while maintaining true to its origins, it clearly results in a great experience of flavors and textures able to satisfy any palate!


The burger is equally true to its roots ... 100% juicy beef meat with just the right amount of fat, lettuce, tomato, american cheese, pickles and the chef’s twist, caramelized onions.

As with the choripán, placed beside the burger there was a portion of french fries with the sauces of your choice.

Definitely our experience with the food at Tico Fusion Food Truck was more than satisfactory and we don’t hesitate to recommend to everyone to try their food because they have many more super interesting and delicious options that we are sure everyone will love... not only you will eat delicious food, but also support the growing Food Truck community in Costa Rica.

A very important fact that we also want to share is that they offer Catering Service, so if you are looking for an awesome option for your party or activity you can contact them, your guests would be more than satisfied.


As always we leave you below the information in case you want to enjoy this amazing Food Truck:

Tico Fusion Food Truck

Address: Generally, they are in the area of Alajuela, Costa Rica, but move to different places occasionally, so we recommend you track them down on social media to locate them.

Facebook: Click Aquí

Website: www.elbuencomercr.com

Phone: +506 2442-7543

Email: chef@elbuencomercr.com


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