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Hello travelers!

A few days ago we were invited by Subcultours to be part of the launch of their new tours in Costa Rica and we are very excited to tell you about our experience at the Sun & Surf Tour.

Subcultours main objective is to provide the public, both domestic and foreign, the opportunity to have an "insider" experience, managing to have a closer contact with local artists and producers, an experience almost impossible otherwise.

The Sun & Surf Tour takes place in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica and has 3 stops ... Coffee, Fashion and Surf, here we tell you a little bit of each one...


The tour begins joining our small but very energetic group at the famous Café Bohio in Jaco Beach to be the first group to participate in their Coffee Workshop called "Cafeteá donde querás" (in English, "Drink Coffee Wherever You Want") where they showed us how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee with 3 different methods, Chemex, Hario V60 and Syphon.

Throughout the process we were educated on the properties of this noble grain and we were able to witness the roasting process of 10 kilos of fresh coffee beans.

One of the things we liked most was that the workshop is designed for the people to learn by being hands on, so we all had the opportunity to touch and smell different types of coffee beans, grind them and finally prepare it, to then enjoy a cup of impeccable coffee made by ourselves.

Cafe Bohio staff was incredible, they demonstrated top notch knowledge, respect for the product and great charisma.

For those who are coffee lovers, the time in this place is pure magic!

Leaving Café Bohío behind we went on to get some bikes so we could ride to our next stop. We must say that the idea to take a bike ride as a group adds a great vibe almost like you are a true local and allows you to appreciate much more the Jaco scenery and enjoy the pleasant weather.

After about 5 minutes on the bike we arrived at our next destination.


On the second stop we arrived to Lorena Vera Designs.

Lorena is a Venezuelan designer based in Costa Rica, who is dedicated to creating amazing beach fashion.

Inside the shop Lorena herself tells us a little of her history and ushers us into her workshop where together with her workers they design and make swimsuits, dresses, pants, shorts, etc.

We also met Lauren who is a collaborator of Lorena and owns the brand Salvaje Swimwear.

We found this visit amazing, not only for the opportunity of witnessing the process of making high quality garments, something that no one else has access to, but also because we got to listen to the life experiences of Lorena and Lauren, which undoubtedly are a great example to follow for those of us who seek to follow our dreams.


Back on the bike and after a 15-minute ride, we reached the workshop and store of Carton Surfboards, where Edwin "Carton" Villalobos himself received us and invited us to his work area.

Edwin has worked developing high quality surfboards for many years and many of his boards have been used by world champions in this sport.

In his workshop we learned the process for making surfboards from start to finish and he then showed us the different types of boards and their different levels.

At the end of the tour around his shop we enjoyed some good music played by Edwin on his guitar.

After another 15 minutes on the bikes we returned to the center of Jaco Beach, where we took a break and had a delicious lunch.

With a full stomach and eager for more adventures, we got on the bike again and in 5 minutes we were in another famous surfboard workshop, this time we found ourselves in Chapu Surfboards where "Chapu" himself showed us his workshop and the process he uses to create stunning surfboards.

After leaving Chapu’s, we returned the bikes and that point marked the end of the tour, where we said goodbye to the group, wanting to have more adventures of this kind in the future.

Undoubtedly Subcultours tours are very different, but they are an incredible experience, so much that it left us very impressed and satisfied.

Their idea of aking the people that join the tour share with the artists, listen to their stories, watch them work and to experience for ourselves, is what makes these tours very unique.

We invite you to visit the Subcultours website by clicking here to know more about their philosophy and all the tours they offer, and of course we also invite you to take one of their tours and like us, have a wonderful experience!

We promise you will not regret it!

We want to thank Katja for inviting us and Natalia and Lapu for being such cool fellow tour companions.


Below you can find useful information in case you want to take the Tour.




Address:  San José, Costa Rica


Instagram: Click Aquí


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