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We have always been lovers of food and all it’s possible styles. Over the years we have seen how many people around the world are opting more and more for a vegetarian, vegan, or raw veganism lifestyle.

Here in Costa Rica, it is increasingly common to find people with these lifestyles and that’s why there are many restaurants with options for people who decide to abstain from any animal products, but still want to enjoy a good high quality dish with fresh ingredients.

One of those places is Raw Co. Juicery & Food, in Escazú Costa Rica, we’ve been wanting to eat here for a while, not only because of their type of food but also because many people have recommended it to us and now that we try it, we want to share our amazing experience with you.


Raw Co. Juicery & Food, specializes in raw food, so their dishes basically have no cooking at all, which makes the flavors and nutrients of the food to remain intact so they can be absorbed by the body.

The restaurant is small but incredibly welcoming, plus the charisma and kindness that radiates from the staff perfectly complements the all-important first impression rule.


Chia Pudding Bowl and Cashew Yogurt Bowl, apart from its main ingredient, Chia and Cashew Yogurt, they are served with delicately sliced fruit, homemade granola and grated coconut.

There is no doubt that both were absolutely delicious, the combination of flavors, textures and colors made each bowl a little piece of raw vegan art.

Fruit Toast, which consists of an almond spread which they dehydrate to the point were it resembles a toast, on top they add a delicious combination of fresh fruits and 100% organic honey, to give it a touch of sweetness that enhances the flavors, you have to try this delicious toasts, its amazing!

Green Cold-Pressed Juice, made with cucumber, apple, kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, lemon, celery and parsley.

For many of you it may sound like a strange combination, but believe us, it works perfectly. It’s refreshing, healthy and delicious!

If you are curious to know what is Cold-Pressed and its benefits, you can click here and learn more about it.

Chai Tea Cold Infusion, served with almond milk and also almond wiped cream, the drink has the characteristic flavor and freshness of a high quality tea infusion.

For us there is no breakfast without a good Coffee, so we had to order one of course!

Cappuccino with almond milk, this coffee was incredible, it had the body and distinctive character of a good coffee bean and an impeccable grinding and toasting process.

After leaving this place we could not stop commenting on our way, how satisfied and happy we were about being able to experience this restaurant, it was not only the quality and taste of their food but also the service received which was impeccable and super friendly.

Every question we asked was answered by the staff with professionalism and respect for their philosophy.

We encourage you to visit them and try everything they have to offer for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we are sure you will be delighted with this amazing place, even if you are not a vegetarian or vegan, you will definitely fall in love with it as much as we did, and besides having a great meal you could also learn a bit about the raw vegan life style!


As always below you can find useful information in case you want to visit them.


Raw Co. Juicery & Food

Address:  Shopping Center Plaza del Rio #3, San Rafael de Escazu, Costa Rica.

Open from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 7:00pm and Saturday from 8:00am to 3:00pm

Phone: +506 2289-5285

Facebook: Click Aquí

Instagram: Click Aquí


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