One Day Tour: PRUSIA - Costa Rica


Costa Rica is undoubtedly a country full of breathtaking places to see, even more so for people who love mountains and fresh air.

One of the most famous places in Costa Rica to hike and breathe fresh air while enjoying nature is Prusia in the Province of Cartago.

We have wanted to visit this place for some time now, but the daily hustle and bustle prevented us from taking the trip, however we finally managed to do it and we want to share our adventure with you guys so you get inspire to visit this place that is so beautiful and perfect for a one day trip, so you want to join us?

The area of Prusia is located about 45 minutes from San José by car and belongs to the Irazu Volcano National Park area, you can find the exact address at the end of this post.

There you will find 16 kilometers of natural trails, perfect for hiking among pine trees, cypress and eucalyptus forests, you will also find many birds and beautiful vegetation, which is perfect for photography lovers.

Prusia also offers areas for picnics which is a perfect way to spend the day after a hike, water fountains and restrooms.

We are nature lovers and that is why this trip had us very excited.

Upon arriving at the park and after paying our entrance fees, one of the park guards explained us a little bit about the trails and led us to where there’s a big map which each of the trails are marked and asked us to take a photo of it for easy access once in our hike.

The picnic area is very spacious and is, as expected, surrounded by nature and several picnic tables designed to sit down to eat, have a snack, a coffee or even just to chat and enjoy the place.

From the picnic area, you can start on the different trails, some are short and simple to hike and others are quite longer and more advanced, but at a slow pace almost anyone could enjoy them.

We decided to walk on the intermediate trails, which took us from start to finish about 2 hours, we were so happy and excited with the trail we choose, 2 hours may sound like a lot of time, but when you are having so much fun and enjoying nature and the peacefulness, time flies by.

We loved the ecological diversity we found, most of all when we walked along a trail and from one moment to another we saw ourselves in a forest of giant pine trees! We felt like we were on the scene of a movie, this is most definitely an impressive place.

Bird lovers, you are also going to be happy in Prussia you can enjoy many different species, and it’s so amazing that you can hear them singing in any trail you choose.

Important Information:

How to get there

From San Jose, you should go to the Province of Cartago and take the road to the Irazú Volcano, turning off in the street to Potrero Cerrado, when you reach the Durán Sanatorium, you will be 4 kilometers from your destination, the street is unique and hard to miss.  On Google Maps or Waze, you can search for "Prusia Cartago" and detailed instructions are very clear.

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee is 1000 colones for Costa Rica Residents and USD $5 for Foreigners.

Can you camp or bring pets?

No (sorry pet lovers)

Our Recommendations

  1. Bring comfortable clothing, tennis shoes or hiking shoes

  2. Snacks 

  3. Water bottle is a must

  4. A light jacket or windbreaker, depending on the day you visit it can get chilly

  5. A backpack for your snacks and water

  6. If you like nature photography definitely bring your camera

  7. Bring a good, open and positive attitude, it will make you enjoy the hike a lot better

  8. If you are traveling with childrens, consider taking the short trails

  9. Always follow the various signs along the trails, each trail has a different color so you can identify them a little better

  10. Mind you step to avoid slipping and falling


Prusia is definitely a must see place if you live in Costa Rica or have a free day in the capital when visiting, so we encourage you to put this beautiful destination in your list, it’s perfect for a one day trip, and it’s super affordable, believe us you will not regret it. 


Here we leave you with our Prusia video, we hope you enjoy it! And remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to join us in our adventures.