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Those who know us well, know that one of our most coveted culinary trend is Asian food and even more so when that trend is fused with flavors from around the world, achieving a symphony of flavors that certainly is music to our palate.

That's why we are always looking for new places that offer that kind of culinary experience.

A few weeks ago, we were invited by Gallo Rojo to taste four new dishes from their menu and we had an incredible night full of flavors.

We invite you to travel with us to Gallo Rojo in Escazú - Costa Rica, so that together we discover more of this restaurant and their new dishes.

Here we go!

Gallo Rojo is a modern and beautiful restaurant that defines its cuisine as "urban", inspiring their menu in a "Street Food" style from several cities of the world.

Their new dishes have a strong Asian influence, while maintaining the exquisite fusion of flavors, textures and colors, in a very urban concept, keeping their own signature style.

Now, on to the new dishes, want to join us? Lets go! 

Gua Bao

This is a traditional sandwich from Taiwan, it consists in a steamed bread with different toppings inside, we had one with breaded chicken and a mayonnaise sauce and other with a delicious pork, both with fresh cucumber to give it a crisp and delicious texture. 

Chicken with Green Onion Sauce and Achiote Oil

This chicken is one of those dishes that once you try it will brighten your day.

This chicken is cooked in a Hainan style from China with an exquisite green onion sauce, garlic, ginger and is accompanied by a green tomato salad and seasonal vegetables. 

Pork Ribs with Gochujang Sauce

With this dish the chef makes a very creative fusion of Japanese and Korean flavors to blend the Teriyaki sauce, which by the way is homemade, along with Gochujang paste.

The pork ribs are first braised and then fried to achieve a soft texture inside and crispy on the outside ... it is accompanied with jasmine rice and snow peas. (Picture of the Sampling Size)

Grilled Octopus

This delicious octopus goes through various cooking processes then it’s perfectly grilled to give it the finishing touch and its distinctive flavor.

It is accompanied by a traditional Chinese kimchi mustard and its marinated in gochujang paste, pickled carrots and seed potatoes.

Without any doubt, these 4 new dishes will delight even the most discerning palates.

For sweet lovers, Gallo Rojo also offers very tasty options.

So, what did you think? We loved it!

Before we left, we had a little chat with the chef Andrés Sandoval Tsao and we asked him some slightly different questions that we want to share with you guys:

Traveling Like Locals: "Andres, we know that you studied and worked abroad, tell us which country has your favorite Street Food in the world?"

Chef Andres: "Well, my favorite Street Food is based mostly in Asia and then I have a dilemma between Taiwan and Thailand although they both have very different flavors, for example in Thailand the flavors are much spicier, however, I lean a little more for Taiwanese food "

Traveling Like Locals: "Do you have a favorite street food dish that you always reminisced about that has a “WOW” effect we all look in food?"

Chef Andres: "Yeah! I remember very well a Japanese man living in Taiwan that prepares Fried Calamari, he serves the whole calamari breaded with a very good Japanese style mayonnaise ... I remember ordering one and as soon as I finish it I had to ask for 2 more, it was incredible "

Traveling Like Locals: "If you were stranded on a deserted island and had the opportunity to choose a single dish to eat while you are waiting to being rescued, which dish would you choose?

Chef Andrew: "Hahaha, I would say a typical Costa Rican breakfast, with Gallo Pinto, eggs and sweet plantain, because it has many elements that I love"

Traveling Like Locals: "What is it that inspires you the most when cooking in Gallo Rojo?"

Chef Andres: "Well, with time the food has evolved, in the beginning it was the idea of creating new dishes and flavors, but now, it sounds very cliché, what inspires me the most is to see the positive reaction of people eating, watching them enjoy our food"

Traveling Like Locals: "Finally, what is your favorite ingredient in the kitchen?"

Chef Andres: "Well, I can give you my top 3 ... butter, garlic and coriander or cilantro, although it is difficult because I have many ingredients that I like as well, like red onions, I love balanced flavors in whatever I cook"

What an incredible experience we had in Gallo Rojo, certainly is a restaurant that we recommend you visit in you are ever in San Jose, Costa Rica.

We want to thank Gallo Rojo and their staff for the invitation and the kindness in which we were welcomed, everything was amazing, we will definitely come back.


As always we leave you below the information in case you want to visit them:

Gallo Rojo


Address:  400 meters north from the Comercial Mall La Paco, Escazú, San José, Costa Rica

Phone: +506 2289-5254

Facebook: Click Here

Instagram: Click Here


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