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When you think about sodas it’s inevitable to think about all of the world-renowned brands, right?

And how could we not? Most of us have grown up surrounded by such products since childhood and we have been bombarded with advertisement on television, radio, on the street and even in bars and restaurants.

The tricky thing about this is that most of the recent generations grow up with the desire for soft drinks, but also grow afraid to consume them for their high sugar content, additives and artificial flavors. There are even rumors about how a certain sodas, which were not going to name, that can even be used to remove rust from metal surfaces, I don’t know about you, but that makes us think a lot about what this soda can do to my body.

Despite all of this, we cannot ignore the fact that consuming gasified drinks is very satisfying, that bubbling sensation that produces the gas in your mouth is incomparable.

Luckily, there are nowadays lots of healthy options for those who appreciate a refreshing soda without being worried about all those weird side effects.

In Costa Rica there is a brand worth knowing that’s been manufacturing natural sodas for quite some time now.

We are talking about the geniuses of Tierra Viva (which literally means alive earth or land in spanish).

When we tasted their drinks, we quickly fell in love with them, not only for the atypical flavors they had for a soda, but also because they are 100% organic and handcrafted.

As usual our curiosity made us want to learn a little bit more about Tierra Viva, so we made an appointment with one of the brilliant minds behind these amazing products.

We invite you to join us in this journey through the world of handcrafted sodas and get to know what this brand is all about...

Today's adventure is set in the “Feria Verde of Aranjuez” (an organic farmers market in San Jose, Costa Rica) where we met up with Patricio or "Pato" to his friends.

Patricio is one of the entrepreneurs that founded Tierra Viva about 6 years ago, back in the day they had a small stand in the newly opened Feria Verde, where they specialized in serving typical products as tamales, tamale asado, tortillas, all based in corn, after which they evolved to the point where they are today, where they offer their famous handcrafted sodas, which will discuss in a moment, and other packaged products like dulce de leche (a type of caramel typically found in all South and Central America) made of cow’s milk, Ghee, for those who don´t know, Ghee is a clarified butter widely used in restaurants for cooking at high temperatures, as Patricio explained.

Now, let's move on to the sodas...

Tierra Viva has a line of 7 flavors of handcraft sodas including: Lemon-Lavender, Orange-Ginger, Lemongrass-Carambola (starfruit), Strawberries-Roses, Blackberry-Cinnamon.

Beside these sodas, they also have a line of Kombuchas (fermented tea) with a very interesting mixtures of flavors.

Patricio tells us that the mix of flavors are born as a result of brainstorming among those involved in Tierra Viva, then they move on to preparing the mixtures in different ways to achieve the notes of flavors they want and leave them satisfied, then they move to the production process for the final product.

One of the most important things, apart from the use of organic products in the making of their drinks, is that the level of sugar used is always between 4% and 8% unlike the more "famous" soft drinks in the world where they can reach an alarming 30% and 40%, this apart from the many other additives they have, big difference huh?

If you ever visit them in one of the Ferias Verde (Aranjuez and Ciudad Colon), you can enjoy not only their drinks and packaged products, but you can also taste delicious food that you can easily carry around while enjoying the farmers market. They have a variety of breakfast options consisting of sandwiches with sourdough bread, cheese, fresh mushrooms, and also other bread treats made out of yuca root flour (cassava) and cheese, empanadas with roasted mushrooms and cheese, and the typical "gallos" (a Costa Rican food, that basically consist of a tortilla with any kind of filling) with eggs cooked in ghee, beans, smoked cheese and roasted tomato sauce.

In addition to this they offer vegan options with roasted mushrooms, onions and chives.

Tierra Viva is without a doubt one of the local business that continues to demonstrate that organic and handcraft production is possible and delicious.

So if you are visiting Costa Rica keep an eye open in any restaurant or supermarket that sells them, and if you are a tico we encourage you to do the same. Each of their creations are unique and incomparable. We are confident that, when you tried them, you will not be able to return to the traditional brands and if you do, believe us, you will notice the difference.

We conclude this adventure today with a big smile in our faces, filled with satisfaction and pride to see small entrepreneurs position their products while maintaining a high quality and passion for the products they make.

We thank Patricio, Ileana and all of their staff for having us and also for allowing us to learn more about their exciting and delicious products.


Please find below all the information needed in case you want to visit or buy their products:


Tierra Viva

Find them at Feria Verde Aranjuez on saturdays from 7:00am to 1:00pm and on tuesdays at Feria Verde Ciudad Colón from 3:00pm to 9:00pm.

Phone: +506 8705 4060

Facebook: Click Aquí

Instagram: Click Aquí


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