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In Costa Rica coffee is a beverage culturally rooted in families, so much so that for many people having breakfast without coffee is like no breakfast at all and miss the afternoon coffee is a sacrilege and how could it not be? We have been programmed since childhood to the coffee culture at home.

If we think about it coffee is the perfect drink, you can drink it at any time of the day, at breakfast, mid-morning, after lunch, in the afternoon and even in more "specific" occasions, like when ladies get together in the evenings to talk about their everyday life’s, their children or even to share some piece gossip.

Nowadays in Costa Rica when visiting someone's home the first thing you usually get offered in a cup of coffee, and how can you say no to a cup of good Costa Rican coffee!

For coffee lovers, like us, the quest for the perfect cup of coffee is always an ongoing one.

That search has led us to many places and to tried many varieties of this unique fruit, so far we weren´t able to find a coffee that we really felt it was perfect, of course according to our own liking, until now!

Here we tell you more about this incredible find:

Some time ago we tasted, during breakfast, a cup of coffee that left us so delighted because it had character, body and left an aftertaste of fruit and chocolate notes.

Such was our excitement that we obviously asked the staff of that restaurant, what kind of coffee it was, where we could buy it.

Imagine our excitement when they told us we could buy some right there in the restaurant and as you can imagine we bought one package to take it home.

That was the moment we had our first encounter with Taza Amarilla coffee.

Since that day it has been the coffee we drink every day at home and we love it so much that our curiosity led us to find out a little bit more about this coffee and the story behind its delicious taste.

That's why we got in touch with Leland who is one of the founding partners of the brand and we met with him on a Saturday during the Feria Verde of Aranjuez (a famous farmers market in San Jose), where they have a coffee stand, to chat a bit and be able to give our readers a better idea of why to us, Taza Amarilla has one of the best coffees around.

Taza Amarilla history begins at the end of 2011 sometime after the opening of the Feria Verde in Aranjuez. 

According to Leland, after the farmer’s market opening people came and they would buy what they needed and left right after that, but one of the things that the founders of the market wanted to promote, was not only organic fresh products, but also the social contact between people.

With this in mind Leland and its partners decided to buy fresh coffee beans to toast on their own and place a stand inside the Feria Verde where people could buy a good cup of organic coffee and drink it there.

As time passed by and following the line of organic which is the goal of the fair, Leland tells us, they decided to start serving their coffee in ceramic mugs, but when they went to get this mugs the store only had yellow ones

Hence the name ¨Taza Amarilla¨ (Yellow Cup).

Currently the ¨Feria Verde¨ has evolved to a place where now people will buy organic products as before but also have breakfast there, talk, meet other people and have a good time with a cup of coffee in their hand.

Taza Amarilla puts their heart in every cup of coffee they sell, choosing the best 100% organic grains from various sectors of Costa Rica and toasting them under strict quality standards, making the coffee worthy of applause.

They are so popular now that when you arrive at the ¨Feria Verde¨ where their stand is located you can see hundreds of people all with yellow mug in their hands sipping some of the many coffee varieties they offer.

Something stands out from the group is their professionalism in the way they work in Taza Amarilla, there stand is neat, clean, the service is quick and always with a smile on their faces, I think that´s because they know that their product is of high quality and that each cup they serve will bring joy in the person drinking their coffee.

If coffee is your thing, we recommend you try a Taza Amarilla if you ever visit Costa Rica, not only will you get an excellent coffee, but you will also will support the local producers.

If is not your thing, try it, maybe you will love it just like us! ☺

We greatly appreciate Leland and all the staff of ¨Taza Amarilla¨ for having us and share with us their history and future projects, stay tuned, ¨Taza Amarilla¨ has very cool upcoming projects, which we'll tell you later on.


Please find below all the information needed in case you want to visit them:


Taza Amarilla

Feria Verde in Aranjuez and Ciudad Colon - Costa Rica

Open saturday from 7:00am to 12:00md

Phone: +506 8314-4781

Facebook: Click Aquí

If you want to buy this coffee you can find it in:

- Feria Verde - Click Aqui

- Green Center - Click Aqui

- Wökàpi - Click Aqui

- Mantras Veggie Café - Click Aqui


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