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As we started this Blog we realized we were in need of an office, so in order to have everything organized we decided to remodel a room in our house for this very same purpose.

During that process we thought a lot on how we wanted to decorate the "office" and we both agreed to fill it with things that made reference to our country, Costa Rica.

So we took on the task of finding things to decorate, but we got stock finding the same typical crafts and paintings we have seen since forever, don´t get us wrong, there is nothing bad with those type of decorative crafts, but it wasn´t what we were looking for, we wanted something with a modern twist and a different style, more up to date to the Costa Rica we now live.

We really had a hard time finding what we were looking for, until we did a little research here and there, we came across ¨Holalola¨.

As we usually do, we like to share with you about places, food and products we love and that we believe that you will too, this is why today we want to invite you to travel with us to San Pedro de Montes de Oca (San Jose, Costa Rica) where the Holalola store is located.

So, let´s get cracking!

Holalola is located on the Yoses Boulevard, across from the Auto Mercado supermarket.

This shop specializes in all kinds of souvenirs and modern crafts of our beloved country, from posters with illustrations of Costa Rica, to coffee mugs, magnets, wrapping paper, notebooks, daily planners, coasters, coloring books, etc.

As we arrived at the store we were greeted by Priscilla and Walter, who are the owners and creative geniuses behind every product you can find in Holalola, they kindly gave us a bit of their time to sit and talk to them about the store, their story, and get to know what makes their products so special, although you can see their store is pretty special as soon as you put a foot in the door.

Priscilla tells us that Holalola began operations in August 2014 after being invited to the Costa Rican Book Fair, before that, they had their own graphic studio, in which they designed products for tourism and also did illustrations for albums of national renown bands.

Priscilla continues telling us that initially people expected illustrations and typical products like those seen in the souvenir shops around the country, however, it was always in their plans to think outside the box and design different things that would equally reflect the idiosyncrasies of our country.

During a trip to San Francisco, United States, Priscilla bought a book with illustrations by Miroslav Sasek, who does illustrations of cities for children´s books.

That’s how they combined Priscilla´s education in Fine Arts, her talent and inspiration of the book by Sasek to give birth to the brand Holalola.

They started with illustrations of birds, as they were nervous not knowing if their products would be well received by the public, because they were very different compared to what the Costa Rican market offered up until that point.

With the nervousness and doubt aside they started giving free rein to their creativity, talent and inspiration to put in the market the first line of posters of illustrations of the 7 provinces of Costa Rica. The process was definitely not easy, it took them about 1 year since they had the idea until they could see their finish posters on sale in their store and many other stores around the country.

Priscilla and Walter certainly make a great team, "a creative duo" you might call them, where Walter acts as the Creative Director and Priscilla as the Illustrator and Art Director.

As you know, we love to know every little detail of the places we visit and we could not leave this store without knowing where the name ¨Holalola¨ came from.

Walter tells us that the name came after they adopted a cat they named Lola. However, it seems Lola the cat always wanted to explore the world and not stay in one place, so one day she began her adventure discovering the world and never returned home.

Since that day they always hope that Lola is well and having fun exploring the world but they always keep their desire to see her again and be able to greet her: ¨Hola Lola¨! (Hello Lola).

This store offers many products that are out of the ordinary and have successfully shown the modern culture of our country in a very creative and different way.

Walter tells us that their greatest desire is to continue illustrating different places of the world and make them into souvenirs, isn´t that a beautiful concept!

We really fell in love with their products, not only because they serve as souvenirs to take back home to family and friends, but also because they work really well as decoration in our homes or offices and even for daily uses, such is the case of the daily planners, calendars, magnets and much more.

We truly invite you to visit their store in San Pedro if you are ever in San Jose, we are sure you will love the store as much as we did, and maybe even share the feeling of being proud to know that there is so much talent and creativity in Costa Rica.

We thank Priscilla and Walter for welcoming us and share their story, they are definitely a great example for all of us, and we beg them to never stop doing what they do!


Please find below all the information needed in case you want to visit them or buy their products:



Los Yoses, San Pedro, San Jose - Costa Rica

Open from:

Monday - Friday from 10:00am to 2:00pm and 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Saturday from 9:00am to 2:00pm

Phone: +506 2234-5648

Facebook: Click Aquí

Instagram: Click Aquí



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