If you have read any of our other articles you will know by now that we are professional foodies, we basically love food!

That usually means that we always have our ears to the ground in order to know of any new or old places to eat delicious food.

Those who know Santa Ana (San Jose, Costa Rica) and more specifically the area of Lindora, know of the huge amount of fast food restaurants there. We believe that is because of the many offices that have made Lindora their home.

But don't worry, we’re not here to talk about a fast food restaurant at all, come on you knows us better than that, we want to tell you of an excellent cafe and deli that stands out in the sea of chain restaurants.

Located in Lindora, more properly in the Paseo Lindora Center, you will find in a small and almost shy corner, the local geniuses of Artisano.

We have wanted to visit this place for sometime and now that we have, we will not hesitate to return constantly.

In Artisano they specialize in preparing food with fresh and organic ingredients, just as we like it!

The menu is small but you will find delicious options for breakfast, lunch and even delicious sweet/ salty treats to accompany the afternoon coffee.

We visited this place for lunch,  and we are going to tell you all about it...

Upon arriving we were greeted very kindly by the staff, we chose a table and we were provided with the menu.

This is how a wonderful experience started.

Our cravings made us order a Pepper Jack Salad, Artisano Turkey Sandwich, Squash Cream and two delicious drinks, a Smoothie and a Spritzer.

As always, we'll make your mouth water describing everything we ordered.

The Pepper Jack Salad is a beautiful mix of lettuce, cabbage, carrots, almonds, gooseberries and strips of Pepper Jack cheese along with a delicious and perfectly balanced dressing, adding this dressing to the salad manages to enhance the flavors and gives it a "wow" factor, hard to do with salads if you ask us.

The Artisano Turkey Sandwich as its name denotes, comes with turkey, cucumbers, avocado, provolone cheese and again, a delicious dressing.

This sandwich comes with a side of sweet potato chips and let us say that those were the best chips we have eaten in a while, perfection. A high five to the chef for those amazing sweet potato chips!

The drinks we ordered were a passion fruit-basil smoothie and a ginger-basil spritzer.

Don't think we have forgotten about the Squash Cream, we are just saving it for the end, trust us!

The smoothie was super refreshing and loaded with lots of flavor.

The spritzer it's like a smoothie but made with sparkling water. The truth is that this was the first time we tried something like this and it did not disappoint us at all, it was delicious and super refreshing, we also loved that the amount of gas is minimal, so is not like drinking a soda, it's more like adding a light gas taste to enhance the flavors.

Now, let's talk about the Squash Cream, the star in this story.

I do not know about you, but for us Squash Cream had never been something we usually order in a restaurant, but we are glad that we choose to try it this time.

When we ordered what we thought was a small cup with squash cream inside and a piece of bread on the side, we never tought we were in for a surprise, they brought us the squash cream served in a sourdough bread bowl elegantly decorated with a rosemary string, this was definitely a "wow" moment.

Now a good presentation wouldn't be worth much if the food doesn't taste good, right? We are very happy to say that is the most delicious Squash Cream we've ever eaten.

Artisano is undoubtedly a place where you can taste the passion for their cooking in each one of their dishes as well as their intention to making every person who visits them leave with a smile.

Places like this demonstrates that even though chain restaurants are in every corner, there will always be options to enjoy healthy and delicious food, you just have to stop for a moment and take a closer look, because you never know when you are going to find restaurants as exceptional as Artisano.


As always, here's some important information in case you want to visit them:


Paseo Lindora Center, Lindora, Santa Ana - San Jose Costa Rica

Open from Monday - Friday from 9:00am to 7:00pm and Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Phone: +506 6040-1675

Facebook: Click Aquí

Instagram: Click Aquí


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