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Costa Rica without a doubt is a country in constant evolution, things are no longer as they used to be, that’s what older people say nowadays and is absolutely true.

Today most people spend their time thinking which cell phone to buy or how fast their internet connection is at home, and we’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with that, not at all, if it wasn't for these technological advances we wouldn’t be able to reach all of you, our readers.

However, all these changes have made the traditional "tico" (term use to call a Costa Rican), that "simple farmer" from back in the day to be nearly forgotten, of course, many of the new generations have no idea how to farm or milk a cow and how are we supposed to know? If we live in a time where you can buy everything packaged in a supermarket.

This is why it’s very important that in one way or another, even occasionally, the "ticos" and people visiting Costa Rica have the opportunity to experience the life of the "simple farmer" of modern times.

With that idea in mind and us being "Josefinos" (term use to call people who live in the capital San Jose), we took on the task of looking for options of rural tourism, to reconnect with that inner self, that like it or not, we all carry inside.

That's why in this article we want to tell you about a very good option to have that encounter with the Costa Rican roots or experience it for the first time.

Near the Poas Volcano, is Freddo Aventura Rural, they have their tours within the El Corso Farm, which spans across a land of 400 hectares (around 988 acres), the local climate and geography makes it the perfect place to enjoy primary and secondary forest, strawberry fields and the production of milk and dairy products.

With this vision, the Vargas family decided to organize tours to give people a chance to reconnect with a simpler country life, away from the city bustle and hustle.

Here we tell you more details about what you can expect from the tour:

The tour starts as you are received in a small log cabin that works as well as the reception area, and also as the artisan cheese factory.

Freddo Aventura offers 2 types of tours, one walking and the other one in a wagon pulled by a tractor.

We opted for the tractor option, we are lazy city kids people!

We waited a bit for the group of people to gather up for the tour, and then we were guided very kindly by the staff to an open grass area in which the tractor was ready for us, along with a wagon filled with seats. To tell you the truth we have never been near a tractor, so you can imagine our excitement as we saw that one waiting for us!

After a quick group count, we were introduced to who would be our tour guide for the next hour.

Said guide explained what the tour entailed and asked us to go up to the wagon and take our places.

As we sat down, we were introduced to a very colorful character known as the "driver" of the tractor which very friendly greeted everyone.

We began the journey by driving on a dirt road until we hit the main paved road, and then we reenter the farm from a different entrance. All the way there our guide kept us entertain talking about the local weather, vegetation and even giving us a short history lesson of the area.

The farm has dirt roads, but the driver had some skills on making the trip comfortable even though the seats were not.

After a few minutes of driving through the roads within the estate, the tractor stops and the guide invite us to hop down to go on a walking tour through a natural path within the forest that stretched for about 20 minutes, during  this walk we got the chance to appreciate the nature of the area and with the help of our guide we got to learn a lot about the names various plants and their many uses now and back in the day.

Leaving the trail and as if by magic, the tractor and driver were waiting there ready to help us to continued our journey.

The next stop was the strawberry fields, another great excitement! (we love strawberries) There we could see the process of how the strawberries are grown and even taste a few fresh from the ground.

After that we continued our adventure always in the roads within the estate, appreciating the views of the Poas and Turrialba Volcanoes, and also seeing the grasslands where a large number of cows were grazing, which served as the perfect prelude to the much awaited visit to the dairy.

When we got off the tractor the guide explained what is expect to see inside and introduced us to the person in charge of the dairy.

Once inside they explained how cows are prepared for milking and what the process entails, a process that we like to call “the art of milking a cow” because it might seem easy, but is not, it takes a certain experience to get it right.

A very exciting thing that we must share from this part of the tour and that we really liked, is that after the explanations and such, they allow those who are up for the challenge, to sit next to a cow and milk it, applying all the professional’s tips given, extra brownie points to our Freddo Aventura friends for that!

The tour concludes with a visit to the artisan cheese factory where we receive a demostration of the process of making different types of cheese.

The whole group is invited to do a tasting of the variety of cheeses they produce, YUM!

From start to finish this tour is really worth it, it’s perfect for anyone, a group of friends, family or couples just like us.

If you're interested in experiencing a true rural adventure and a bit of that “simple farmer” life do not hesitate to visit this place, we totally recommend it.


Below you can find more information in case you want to take that trip:

Freddo Aventura Rural

On the road to Vara Blanca, 3 Kms east from the intersection to Paoasito, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Open from Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm (We recommend to make a reservation)

Phone: +506 2482-1024

Facebook: Click Aquí

Instagram: Click Aquí


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