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Who doesn’t enjoy a good breakfast, raise your hand if you do!

According to experts and even grannies, breakfast it’s the most important meal of the day.

So as obedient kids who follow the rules, we try to have a good and delicious breakfast whenever we can, so we started looking for more places that gave us what we believe is a winning combination, to us that means things such as a varied menu, healthy choices, passion in their cooking and good atmosphere.

And guess what happened? We found a culinary gem and we want to share with you our experience.

Tucked away in a tiny space between other larger restaurants, across from the Mas X Menos (a local grocery store) of Santa Ana, San Jose, we found Wö Kàpi.

Exactly! Wö Kàpi, with two dots on the "o".

Wö Kàpi is an artisan cafe which specializes in quality organic food. The menu is small but offers a variety of organic fruit bowls,  paninis, salads, pastries and lots of other delicious options.

Something we want to really emphasize here is that Wö Kàpi offers many options for our vegetarian, vegan, and gluten intolerant friends that we know they’ll love, they have options for everyone.

In this little breakfast adventure, we chose to eat, French Toast with a side of organic honey, Waffles with two types jellies on the side (papaya-pineapple and pineapple-orange), a bowl of fresh cut fruit for each one, a cup of organic coffee and orange juice, oh! and not just any orange juice, no! freshly squeezed juice, just the way it should be!

Let’s take a closer look at the dishes...

The french toasts are made on the spot with a homemade multigrain bread accompanied with 100% organic honey.

The waffles are also made on the spot and served with a side of that homemade jelly that we metion above, they were a very tasty combination.

The fruit bowls were incredible, well balanced and were served with a good variety of fruits, such as, papaya, pineapple, melon and gooseberry. All these fruits, organic of course, were covered with a perfect amount of granola and yogurt, which made a simple bowl of fruit a masterpiece.

The coffee served is organic of the area of Los Santos (an area in Costa Rica famous for their coffee plantations) and let me tell you that it is up to the quality of the rest of the menu and we’re not exaggerating, a simple latte in Wö Kàpi will blow your mind.

We loved the coffee so much that as soon as we learned that they had packages for sale in the restaurant we did not think twice on buying one to take home.

This cafe has a layback  kind of atmosphere, complemented with good music and first class service.

Being there almost feels as if you were in the kitchen of an old friend who just wants to feed you delicious food and make you happy.

The place is small and by small we are talking about 4 tables on the inside and a couple on the outside for those who enjoy outdoor dining.

This to us contributes to the magic of this place and makes it feel even more homey while making the service more personalized while also offering excellent quality dishes.

As we have said in other articles, the service received in a restaurant, is as important as the food itself and let us confirmed that in Wö Kàpi they got an A+ in that department,  we’re even going to throw a gold star in the mix since we loved the place so much.

This place, without a doubt is what we call a culinary jewel and they definitely won an standing ovation from us.

If you liked this article and made you feel adventurous and eager to travel as a local, please visit this amazing cafe and experience it yourself, we are sure if you visit for either breakfast, lunch or an afternoon coffee, you will not regret it.


Please find below some information in case you want to visit them:

Wö Kàpi

A cross the street from the supermarket Mas X Menos in Santa Ana, San Jose - Costa Rica

Open from Monday - Sunday from 8:00am to 7:00pm

Phone: +506 2282-8745

Facebook: Click Aquí

Instagram: Click Aquí


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