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Hi travelers! 

In the world, every country differs in culture, food, language and many other characteristics that combined make each one a different place.

People are one of those characteristics, in every country you can find for example, people that are hardworking, people with lots of vision, and people full of dreams and desire to make something happen in their respective areas.

That is why, a way to know a country is through the people who live there ... " the locals", people that work very hard to make their dreams come true and take chances to embark on a business they love.

A few weeks ago, Subcultours invited us to their Coffee + Fashion Tour, that takes place in San Jose, Costa Rica ... this tour was a unique experience that took us on a journey through different places where we were able to meet those locals who are behind amazing projects. 

As the name of the tour clearly states, we visited two cafes and a fashion shop.

Want to know more? Here we tell you all about it…


The Tour starts in...


Cafeoteca is one of the most famous cafes in the area of Barrio Escalante San Jose.

There, the staff gives us a tour of the place, showing us the restaurant area, their souvenir shop and finally the cafeteria where their coffee experts do their magic.

Very professionally and with undeniable passion for coffee, Marco takes us on a journey through the history of Costa Rican coffee and deftly show us the most popular methods for preparing such unique drink.

Before we know it, the part we have all been expecting comes, tasting the coffee!

Marco prepares for us 3 samples of different coffee varieties and explains their differences, both in preparation and taste.

Wow what a great way to start this tour! Since all of you know by now that we love coffee!

Leaving Cafeoteca and after a short walk through Barrio Escalante, we arrived at the studio and workshop of one of the most famous fashion designers in Costa Rica.

Amo y Señor

Eric Mora, who is the owner and designer in Amo y Señor welcome us in his workshop and design studio.

We gather around Eric’s shop and he begins to tells us about his various fashion collections, as well as the things he is passionate about and what inspires him to produce clothing couture, which he has positioned very successfully in the local and international market.

This part of the tour was very exciting, not only because we learned lots of things from the fashion world but also for everything that we learned from Eric as a person, he certainly radiated good vibes from the get-go.

At this point we want to point out that his workshop and studio are inside his own home, which it’s itself a work of art, with just a brief walk through his house you realize that it is the home to an incredible creative person.

As we ended this part of the tour, Eric led us to his backyard where he showed us his other passions, his garden and asked us to sit in a circle to do a little meditation session, in which, in his own words, we seek to find our inner child, to give us peace and serenity.

In our case, this was our first experience meditating and we were delighted, no doubt at the end of the session we felt relaxed and even more aware of ourselves.

After saying goodbye to Eric, we began another quick walk with our group to our next and last stop.

Underground Brew Cafe

The name of this cafe could not fit any better!

This cafe is in Barrio Escalante, from the outside it looks like a regular house, but once you step inside everything changes.

In Underground Brew Cafe, Juan, the owner greets us and tell us a little about his dream of leaving the corporate world and do what he is passionate about in life, working with specialty coffee.

After a few minutes of conversation where Juan tells us among other things, where the coffee he serves comes from, how did he started his business and other amazing experiences, we got the chance to try one of their specialty coffees, which as expected, was delicious.

As this was our final stop of the tour, we said goodbye to the amazing group and headed home.


This is the second tour of Subcultours that we take and we must honestly say that both tours have left us surprised.

It's amazing how something as simple as a tour can turn into something that leaves you so full of excitement and knowledge.

In this case, not only did we learned of Coffee + Fashion in Costa Rica, but we got the chance to meet each one of the participants, their circumstances and personal experiences, complementing the experience wonderfully.

So, now you know! If you want to live an incredible experience like ours, do not hesitate to contact Subcultours and book your spot, we are confident that by the end of the tour you are not going to be able to stop talking about how good it was.

We want to thank Katja from Subcultours for the invitation and always taking us on these amazing adventures and to each of those in the group with us who shared their stories and allowed us to know them a little better.


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