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Traveling Like Locals is a content creation brand that is focused on inspiring people to travel and experience the world. The brand was created by Natalia and Hernando, a couple based in Costa Rica, that want to share with people their adventures and memories through social media and YouTube videos.  Find out more

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Our website and social media are dedicated to share our adventures wherever we go. We focused on creating travel guides, enjoying local adventures and getting to know different restaurant options. Through our Social Media, YouTube Channel and Blog we help travelers find their next adventure and also hope to motivate people to be a traveler and never a tourist.


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We would love to collaborate with your business promoting your services and/or products. We will help you reach different audiences across the world, that are not only looking for a different experience but a genuine review and that is why we offer different types of services to help you reach a wider audience with high quality content. 

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